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Gosuncn RichLink ME3630-J2A V3A Module has been approved by JATE, TELEC, Softbank, KDDI


In January 2024, Gosuncn RichLink LTE Cat. 4 Module-ME3630-J2A V3A successfully completed a series of certification tests for the Japanese market and obtained JATE, TELEC, Softbank, and KDDI certifications! The new generation of ME3630 continues to expand business in the Japanese market.


ME3630-J2A V3A has been approved by JATE, TELEC, Softbank and KDDI

  • As a popular star product in the market for many years, ME3630-J2A V3A adopts a new generation RF device architecture on the basis of the ME3630-J2A product, which has better performance.

  • ME3630-J2A V3A module can support the 4G/3G RF band in the Japanese market, and also support sXGP (shared eXtended Global Platform) RF band as a follow-up service to Private PHS, providing support for devices in Private network.

  • The theoretical maximum data rate of ME3630-J2A V3A module can reach to 150Mbp downlink/50Mbps uplink, supporting a series of rich interfaces and applications such as GNSS, FOTA, TCP/IP, and also supporting the standard Mini PCIE interface, expanding the product's application range.

  • More importantly, ME3630-J2A V3A has undergone corresponding firmware upgrades to meet future network requirements in response to Softbank's upgraded testing specifications for IoT products in Q4 2023.

LTE BandB1, B3, B8, B18, B19, B26, B39, B41
WCDMA BandB1, B6, B8, B19

The combination of ME3630-J2A V3A and ME3630 European version and GM500 North American version in the product family, helps customers integrate 4G wireless communication capabilities into their industry terminals, applied in the global market.

In recent years, ME3630 module has accumulated rich application experience in the Japanese market, helping multiple industry customers launch high-performance industrial data transmission products. Based on its powerful chip processing capabilities, ME3630-J2A V3A has launched the "Single Modem Solution" solution for the industrial router. Compared with the original AP+modem solution, the new solution will utilize the processor and storage space of the ME3630 module, saving customers AP and storage chips. The overall size of the terminal will be smaller, and it brings customers a reduction in the cost of purchasing components of terminals.


OPEN CPU architecture based on ME3630

According to global cellular IoT connectivity data released by Omida, global cellular communication connections exceeded 3 billion in 2023 and reached 5.4 billion by 2030. Among them, 4G technology firmly occupies the main share, and has become the trusted choice of IoT industry customers with mature communication technology and reliable network coverage. LTE Cat. 4 is the backbone of 4G Cellular IoT, continuously supporting various types of application including industrial router/DTU, security monitoring, Telematics, and other fields.

Omida Celluar IoT Connection.JPG

Data Source: Omida

ME3630-J2A V3A has entered the stage of mass production and has won the recognition of customers. The ME3630 series will provide stable, reliable, and secure IoT connections to global industry customers with excellent performance and comprehensive certification. Gosuncn RichLink targets Japan, the most active target market for global IoT applications, continuously achieving breakthroughs and empowering industry customers with connectivity. In 2024, Gosuncn RichLink will release a new generation of industrial routers based on the ME3630 module. Stay tuned!

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