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Cooperate with Leading Telco in USA to Provide uFi + OBD Diagnostic Products

User Case Overview

The US leading telecos are expanding their business in IoT. In the most attractive areas of Telematics, by installing OBDII devices in cars, they can achieve mobile Wi-Fi hotspots as well as functions such as in car diagnosis and driving behavior analysis. Telecom operators can provide a variety of Telematics services to individuals and businesses.

LTE Cat.4 OBDII device supports high-speed 4G communication and global bands, brings reliable and stable mobile connectivity, can support multiple in-car applications.

Gosuncn RichLink OBDII dongle, with built-in 4G Cellular module, standalone GNSS, triple CANs, 3-axis G-sensor,3-axis gyro and BT 4.2, supports Wi-Fi hotpot, tracking, driving behavior analysis and judgment, vehicle fault diagnosis, alarm and other functions,can be widely used in many scenarios such as in-car entertainment, UBI, fleet management applications,etc.

Test Period >9 months
14000 + Vehicle model compatibility
OBD protocol adaptive
User Benefits
  • Easy installation- it is quick, simple and no special knowledge is needed to connect a device, support two-line Tracker working mode;

  • Supports 4G communication, enabling smooth replacement of 3G network withdrawals;

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Health Monitoring: OBD products allow vehicle owners and mechanics to monitor the health status of vehicles in real-time, aiding in the timely detection and resolution of issues, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the vehicle’s lifespan;

  • Reducing Insurance Costs:Insurance companies offer insurance policies based on OBD data, determining insurance costs based on the actual usage of the vehicle. Safe driving and low mileage may lead to reduced insurance premiums;

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