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Car Guard Solution powered by Gosuncn RichLink OBD II Dongle

User Case Overview

Protect your vehicle, anywhere

With Car Guard Service, your vehicle's always protected. Get disturbance alerts, track location, and even diagnose issues, all from your phone. It also syncs with your system for added vehicle security.

Car Guard is a small device that plugs directly into your car's OBD-II (Onboard Diagnostic II) port, expanding your smart home protection to include your vehicles.

Test Period >9 months
16500 + Vehicle model compatibility
OBD protocol adaptive
Built-in higher performance Bosch vibration algorithm
User Benefits
  • Disturbance Alerts: Receive alerts right on your phone if anyone disturbs your car, in 10 seconds. Accurately evaluate incidents such as vehicle theft, towing, and collision. 

  • Location Tracking: GPS location tracking for your car lets you see exactly where your vehicle is at all times.

  • Car Dianostics: Through Car Guard, the Vivint app will tell you the specific issue so you know exactly what's wrong.

  • Anti-Thief: Car Guard integrated with your system, if the thief disturbs your car, the Outdoor Camera Pro starts recording, flashing a light and sounding a whistle. When you back out, the garage door closes synchronously.

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