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RichLink Cloud Framework 

The RichLinkCloud is mainly consists of 6 parts: data sources, data access, message queues, data persistence, services,  and industry applications. The platform has high concurrency (10K/unit/second), high stability, and high scalability (100K access, scalable). Utilize distributed technology to improve the stability and throughput of data storage. Gosuncn RichLink can provide and customize diverse data service interfaces for various industry applications, providing  best solutions for various industry applications.



RichlinkCloud can provide SaaS and PaaS level software services to customers. 

Terminal: A rich collection of Telematics terminals from Gosuncn RichLink. 

Iaas level: Infrastructure as a Service, cloud environment. 

PaaS level: Platform as a Service, an application deployed on the platform. We can customize software services to  meet customer needs. For example, in the data access layer, we can provide the access layer to users and adapt to  their needs, thereby enabling our devices to quickly connect to the customer platform. 

SaaS level: Software as a Service, providing customers with rich software data display and data interface services.  Some interfaces can be customized.



The functions supported by RichLink Cloud include: Data management, Device management, 

System management, Parameter management, Upgrade Management.

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