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Gosuncn RichLink has rich experience in R&D and application deployment of industrial Router and DTU products, and can provide the overall solution of Device+Cloud. Through the global 4G/3G/2G band support of 4G DTU products, it can realize  anytime, anywhere access.



The 4G wireless DTU makes use of the advantages of the public 4G network to provide long-distance data transmission. Its built-in industrial grade wireless module helps it achieve excellent performance and uses embedded open Linux as its software platform. It can be connected to serial devices (RS232 interface), such as sensors/PLC/flow meters, and can activate transparent data transmission through the operator's 2G/3G/4G network.

It is widely used in the M2M field of the industrial chain, such as ITS (intelligent transportation system), supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent buildings, fire protection, environmental protection, weather monitoring, intelligent medical treatment, telemetry, space exploration, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, mining and petrochemical fields.

Municipal Engineering
Industrial Interconnection
Water Conservancy and Disaster Reduction
Petrol and Petrochemical
ITS (Intelligence Transportation System)
Finance and Tax Control
Business Networking
Environmental Monitoring
Smart Power Grids
Smart Agriculture

Widely applied in M2M area of industry chain, such as ITS (lntelligence Transportation System), supply chain automation, industrialautomation, intelligent building, fire control,environment protection, weather monitoring, smart medical treatment, telemetry, spaceexploration, agriculture, forestry, water, mine and petrochemical field.

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